Survival Knife: Machetes

five Types of Machetes and the way to Use them

The machete knife is definitely an very powerful survival software. It brings together the chopping ability of the hatchet while using the finesse on the knife. There are plenty of different types of machetes intended for various tasks. Here are a number of the fundamental varieties as well as their utilizes:


one. Khukuri (aka. Kukri)
The Kukri, a lot more a sizable knife than the usual machete, was created from the Gurkhas of Nepal and is carried by their military and utilized by their individuals as a general-use instrument and weapon. The kukri is undoubtedly an awesome multi-tasker. The massive heavy finish supplies chopping power near to that with the hatchet, plus the sharp interior curve offers wonderful regulate for finer responsibilities.

2. Bolo
The bolo machete was produced in South The us, and it is applied from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Cuba. The bolo is often a significant responsibility instrument utilized for brush clearing and lightweight chopping while in the industry.

3. Parang (aka Golok)
The parang machete is my individual beloved. It absolutely was created in conjunction with the British Military. It has excellent edge retention, along with a terrific feel. If you maintain it appears to be portion within your arm.

4. Panga
The panga machete originated in Africa in which it’s been utilised in several conflicts. The panga, parang, bolo, and kukri all contain the bodyweight targeted to the close of the blade where by it offers extra chopping pressure. The panga might be use properly for slashing by way of light underbrush.

five. Heavy
The weighty machete is definitely the heavyweight of our lineup, with chopping force higher than that of the hatchet the large machete can perform some severe injury to good wood.

Survival Apps
The machete has many survival programs from brush clearing, to wood chopping, quartering game, and in some cases defensive needs if it at any time arrived to that. I continue to keep 1 lashed to my Bug Out Bag on top of that to a hatchet to cover any chopping requirements I may have. They’re able to be used for absolutely anything.

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